Jim Andrews, Co-Owner

Strategist & Lead for Tango, a highly successful virtual ad agency. Jim believes that marketing is more than ad. He is driven by a desire to truly know the target market of his client companies and understand the target's needs and wants in the interest of putting the entire company's efforts behind satisfying these requirements better than their competitors.

Jim was born and raised in Rockford, IL.  He studied journalism at the University of Illinois at Champaign, and went on to earn an M.B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Jim's experience includes work at The Hiebing Group ad agency in Madison, WI, followed by 9 years at Kerry Ingredients in Beloit, WI, where he served as Vice President of Global Marketing. 

In 2006, Jim left Kerry to pursue his life-long dream of starting his own agency (named after our project mascot). For the past eight years, Tango has been providing hands-on, strategic, non-traditional market communications for entrepreneurs who have already succeeded in establishing a successful business with the smarts, ability and desire to grow. One of the main reasons Jim wanted to start his own business was to incorporate giving back in his everyday work. He donates $35,000+ in goods and services to local charities each year -- raising funds for such organizations as Caritas Food Pantry in Beloit, WI, and The Frank Lloyd Wright Laurent House in Rockford (slated to become a museum in 2015).     

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Dean Vance, Co-Owner

Therapist, Interior Architect, Artist. Dean’s multifaceted background comes together as the vision for Archetype Studios, a unique therapy practice that would integrate art and psychotherapy in a studio setting. As a trained architect and Chicago native, his love of vintage buildings and passion for green design is the cornerstone of our vision for the firehouse. Dean is responsible for all aspects of the preliminary design -- from the drawings and renderings to the green and sustainable technology concepts. 

Dean's family roots in Rogers Park span back nearly a century.  He has fond memories of his grandmother's home near Morse Avenue Beach, where his family spent summers enjoying picnics by the lake. 

Dean has been a property owner in Rogers Park for more than 25 years.  He relocated to the area from Bucktown in 1988 to study art and psychology at Loyola University's Lake Shore Campus.  In 1996, his mother and father also relocated to Rogers Park, where they lived for the remainder of their lives.


Jim and Dean have been splitting their time between Rogers Park and a converted barn in Northern Illinois for the past 15 years.  Living in both urban and rural settings has fostered their vision of creating an eco-conscious live/work space with lush and functional gardens in the city.  Exensive renovation projects at both locations have given them hand-on experience with green materials and allowed them to experiment with a wide variety of techniques that are applicable to the firehouse site.  They have developed a large network of trade and building resources in the process. 

After searching nationwide — from Oregon, California and Colorado to North Carolina — Dean and Jim chose Dean's home town of Chicago for the next phase of their personal and professional endeavors. They are dependable, creative, forward-thinking and economically aware citizens with an altruistic mindset. They intend to bring something exciting and new to Rogers Park.

Tango, Project Mascot

Rescued by Jim and Dean from the streets of Buenos Aires in 2004, Tango is the inspiration for this project.

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