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Jim and Dean, along with their hand-selected team, have the necessary breadth and depth of experience and skills to bring this project in on budget and within the proposed timeline.

Jim Andrews, Co-Owner

Strategist & Lead for Tango, a highly successful virtual ad agency. Tango has been providing hands-on, strategic, non-traditional market communications that connect multiple targets for the past eight years. Jim brings a business partner attitude to his engagements, and is someone you like working and spending time with.

Dean Vance, Co-Owner

Therapist, Interior Architect, Artist. Dean’s multifaceted background comes together as the vision for Archetype Studios, a unique therapy practice that would integrate art and psychotherapy in a studio setting. As a trained architect and Chicago native, his love of vintage buildings and passion for green design is the cornerstone of our vision for the firehouse. Dean is responsible for all aspects of the preliminary design -- from the drawings and renderings to the green and sustainable technology concepts.

Scott Whelan, Developer

As president of Red Line Property Group, Scott’s work (both residential and commercial) is largely centered around redeveloping and repurposing vacant structures throughout the city. A licensed Realtor and General Contractor, Scott is passionate about the building and development process. Scott’s acclaimed “Fountainhead” space at Montrose and Damen spurred a frenzy of property development as new businesses and residents sought to establish themselves near what Chicago Magazine calls 2013’s “Best Overall Neighborhood Rooftop Bar”.

Chicago Magazine’s ‘Best of 2013’ feature on Fountainhead

Gary W. Anderson, AIA

Gary is the owner and lead of Gary W. Anderson Architects in Rockford, Illinois, and has over 40 years of experience in architectural design, historic restoration and preservation, mixed use development, space conversion and neighborhood development.  He is the President of Rockford's River District Association, and former President of Erlander Museum, Haight Village Restoration Society, and Northern Illinois American Institute of Architects.  Gary’s projects include Burpee Museum of Natural History, Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum, Midway Village & Museum Center, Winnebago County Courthouse, Rockford Bank & Trust Co. and the $5 million rehab of Rockford’s Prairie Street Brewhouse, a mixed-use commercial, residential and special event space.

Aaron Crane, Certified Green Energy Consultant

Aaron is Chief Operating Officer of Indianapolis-based Crane Builders, one of the MIdwest’s leading builders of custom energy efficient homes. With 25 years of experience, their portfolio includes LEED, Touchstone Energy and Energy Star rated projects. Crane Builders specializes in the application of green and sustainable energy technologies necessary for this project. These include geothermal heating and cooling, solar energy harvesting and wind power.
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