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Our bid to revitalize the Greenleaf Firehouse is aimed at creating a work-live space that celebrates the building’s history, preserves its architectural integrity, and transforms a forlorned structure and concrete lot into a multifunctional, self-sustaining, attractive green space.

In addition to bringing an asset with curb appeal to Greenleaf Avenue, the project also has potential to function as a community model of preservation, rehabilitation, green building practices and sustainability.

Given the opportunity to implement our vision, our plan is to bring as much media attention to the project as possible. Our hope is that a rippling effect of development will result.


- The addition of two businesses to the local economy

- Tango, an established virtual advertising agency - Archetype Studios, a mental health and arts resource

- Potential for developmental ripple effect


- Restoration of facade and maximum retention of all historic exterior features such as decorative stone, truck doors, terra cotta and period Chicago Brick

- Maximum retention and restoration of vintage interior features such as glazed brick, terra cotta, stairways, hose shafts, floor/wall tile, fixtures and stone

- Restoration of at least one fire pole opening and pole

- Strategic approach to insulation that leaves irreplaceable historic glazed brick and other key interior features undisturbed and intact


- Transformation of an entirely concrete 50’ x 175’ lot into a thoughtfully landscaped green space

- On-site parking for up to 10 vehicles

- The addition of a sustainable rooftop garden, greenhouse and deck