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This project would add value and curb appeal to Greenleaf Avenue and bring advertising, marketing and mental health resources to Rogers Park. The draw of clientele to our practices also stands to benefit local businesses and economy.

New Virtual Ad Agency.

Founded by Jim Andrews in 2005, Tango is a small team of entrepreneurs connected via the internet that helps other entrepreneurs – in companies large and small – take their business in new directions. Tango is known for taking local companies to the next level in their evolution in the Madison, Wisconsin and Rockford, Illinois markets. With Jim Andrews as the Lead in Chicago, Tango will do the same in Rogers Park and Edgewater.

New Community Partner.

Tango will actively participate in the Rogers Park neighborhood, rallying the community around civic projects with public relations and fundraising efforts, just as it has in its current home markets. For example, last year Tango led a fundraising effort for the Laurent House in Rockford, a new Frank Lloyd Wright house museum now in the works, generating $72,730 in funds.

New Arts-Based Psychotherapy.

Archetype Studios combines psychotherapy with creativity in a studio setting, and would bring a unique concept to Rogers Park. Dean Vance, who studied and taught at The School of the Art Institute, will offer full-range therapy services, workshops and seminars with a special emphasis on creative and artistic modalities. 

New Community Resources.

Archetype Studios will serve as a community mental health resource, making a broad range of counseling and psychotherapy services available to area residents. The arts based practice and studios will also be a resource for local artists, writers and creative individuals.  As a former member of the Greenleaf Art Center collective and 25 year resident of Rogers Park, Dean understands the area’s unique artistic roots and the needs of its artists.