Rogers Park is our home.  We are 25 year residents with almost a century of family history in the area.

We have a unique vision that will bring an innovative, vibrant and sustainable live-work space to Greenleaf Avenue.

We are committed to preserving the architectural integrity and identity of the firehouse -- inside and out.      

We are "What You See is What You Get" owner occupants with no tenants or similar revolving variables.

We are sole proprietors with no other employees on site, and our businesses do not involve incoming/outgoing shipping, blocking alleyways with trucks (exhaust and noise pollution), or require a loading zone.

We will provide on site parking for the small number of clients that might visit us, and we always encourage public transportation as a green initiative.

We will bring two new businesses to the area, along with marketing/advertising and mental health resources to local businesses and residents.

We are community drivers with a history of working with local businesses and charities to increase revenues.

We will pay property taxes that ultimately go back into our neighborhood.

We have the right team, the right skills, and the right capabilities to take on this task.                                                                                                    

We have the financial and trade resources necessary to manifest our ideas.

We have the capabilities to bring media attention to our project.

We believe our project, which will be a model of creative green design and historic preservation, will spur further development in the neighborhood.

We will hit the ground running and complete this project efficiently and expediently.

We have the passion to create something extraordinary.


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